Cultural Healing & Awareness Program

FISH is working with the Department of Justice in Western Australia to assist incarcerated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with Cultural Healing and Awareness.  This enables them to bring positive change to their self. Through lighting their own fire within and continuing the journey of understanding their own story, they recognise their own self-worth […]

Community Co-Design Construction

Co-design is always central to FISH’s work with communities. For lasting change, projects need to be by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people. Buildings and programs need to belong to the place and to the people.  Life is different between city and country, in “whitefella” and “blackfella” culture, in hot and cold climates. Co-design puts responsibility […]

Junjuwa Community

FISH was invited by the Junjuwa Community near Fitzroy Crossing to provide input into the design of sustainable housing and healthy living programmes. FISH also developed a draft master plan for their Old Bakery Precinct in consultation with the community. JUNJUWA CONCEPT HOUSE Advanced collaborative concept design by FISH and Junjuwa for local sustainable housing. […]

Bawoorrooga Education

Every component of the Bawoorrooga Self-Build Housing project is an education and training opportunity. Literacy and numeracy is interwoven with practical and vocational skills tasks. Participants develops skills including building, safety, maintenance, horticulture, and community governance/administration, and critical life-skills of teamwork and daily routine. FISH and Fitzroy Valley District High School have established a credit-recognition […]