Fish Fitzroy Flood Relief

The flooding of the Fitzroy River in the North of WA is the worst in recorded history, devastating the town of Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities who will spend months, if not years, recovering from this disaster. 

During and immediately following the recent flooding,

FISH CEO Mark Anderson and members of the FISH team have been on the ground immediately and directly supporting those in need.

From providing essentials to families stranded in Broome with all the roads closed, to supplying bedding and critical non-food items to those who had lost everything in the floods.

FISH does not receive government funding and all money donated towards to the FISH Fitzroy Flood Relief is 100% directed to the people and communities affected by the floods.

Our team has been speaking directly with people in the communities to find out exactly what is required, and by working together with the community, our commercial partners, other agencies and the DFES, FISH has been able to acquire and coordinate the transport and distribution of critical non-food items to those most in need.

We thank all our supporters, for every contribution makes a difference and we couldn’t have done this without the generosity of people who truly care and want to do whatever they can to help people who are dealing with the worst floods in WA’s recorded history.

There’s a long road ahead for the communities in Fitzroy Crossing and surrounds.

During the immediate Stage 1 response,

FISH focussed on providing bedding, kitchenware, torches, clothing and first aid kits to families in Fitzroy Crossing and people trapped in town from surrounding communities. Transport of these essential goods into the worst-affected areas has been the main challenge, and it is with perseverance and resourcefulness that the FISH team were able to work with DFES and other organisations to get these items into the community and distributed to those in need.

In Stage 2

Our focus is continuing to provide emergency support through providing critical non-food items and also bringing a focus to the recovery efforts by supplying items such as cleaning products and tools, water pressure cleaners, shovels for removing mud, etc. Surrounding communities affected by the flood are developing lists of critical non-food items they need and enabling us to get secure the items and get them to the communities as a matter of urgency.

We have been able to respond immediately as several FISH team members are in the region with FISH having recently acquired the Outback Store in Fitzroy Crossing as part of our Social Enterprise initiative. This general store was one of the few buildings that were not flooded and has been a distribution point for these critical non-food relief items to be provided to members of the community. The Outback Store will continue to be a central hub for the flood relief and recovery efforts that FISH will continue to be involved in.

Given it is still early days, the next stage is unclear, however as the situation progresses FISH will continue to work directly with the communities affected to determine what is most needed in the recovery from these devastating floods.

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