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People are the most important resource for FISH and everyone is as important as the other. Together we form part of the whole of FISH and together we work to make a difference in bringing about positive long term sustainable change in the lives of individuals, families, communities, Australia and the world.

Delvene Cornwall


Delvene Cornwall is a Bibbulmen Yorga, Bibbulmen Whadjuk, Ballardong Yorga and Willmun Yorga. Delvene has worked in the health, justice, corporate, government, education and community sectors across Western Australia and has been involved in running training and facilitation for over 20 years. Delvene has worked across team and client groups to give them a deeper understanding of cultural matters, clients servicing and team development. She is a deeply cultural woman who continues to work with women to enable them to understand and step into their potential. Delvene is passionate about personal wellbeing, culture, creating a just society and inclusive society where each person is valued and able to positively contribute.

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