Our People

People are the most important resource for FISH and everyone is as important as the other. Together we form part of the whole of FISH and together we work to make a difference in bringing about positive long term sustainable change in the lives of individuals, families, communities, Australia and the world.

Jara Romero


Jara Romero is a Spanish architect with a passion for sustainability, natural construction and working with communities.  She has worked across Europe, South America and Australia, learning from traditional architecture about the use of local materials and the adaptation to local climate and landscape. She believes in teamwork and hands-on involvement as a therapy. Jara is committed to developing the design of structures with the people and then involving them in the construction process. As an architect Jara is involved intimately in the projects on the ground as she shares her knowledge with communities so they develop an understanding of the planning and structural components of a building.

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