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People are the most important resource for FISH and everyone is as important as the other. Together we form part of the whole of FISH and together we work to make a difference in bringing about positive long term sustainable change in the lives of individuals, families, communities, Australia and the world.

Sandra White


Sandra White is Maori – her kiwi (tribes) Ngatiwhatua / Ngapuhi (Northland). Her father accepted a transfer from New Zealand to the Pilbara, Western Australia when she was a child. She grew up very much part of the Aboriginal community with parents who equally embraced their culture and ethnicity. As an advocate against the exploitation of Aboriginal artists, Sandra hopes to advance the profile of worthy Indigenous artists at a national and international level. Sandra worked within the resource sector for many years. Leaving the rat race corporate world behind, Sandra bit the bullet and pursued her passion for art and now has her own creative enterprise. As a current student of an international art business program, she hopes to share her learnings to advance artists in business.

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