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In 2021, FISH officially opened its physical Social Enterprise Gallery and Retail Shop in Mt Lawley, Perth. The shop and gallery are located inside the Local & Aesthetic café. Local & Aesthetic is a proud supporter of FISH initiatives, donating a portion of their space to hosting FISH Social Enterprise. The products in the FISH Social Enterprise are sourced from 100%-owned Indigenous businesses, authors, and artists. FISH believes in the importance of storytelling and the process of sharing knowledge and experience through sharing stories to develop an appreciation of each other’s journeys; celebration of language and culture; a deeper understanding of issues each other and the community face; celebrating achievements of people and provide positive roles models; and highlighting issues and effective ways to address those issues that work. Through the process of sharing stories through a variety of mediums such as film, drama, writing, yarning, song, creative education, lectures and presentations, the aim is to bring healing to the spirit, heart, mind, body, and land to help create healthy people and communities.

The retail space has been filled with local and interstate Indigenous business products including:

  • Chocolates from Jala Jala Treats
  • Tasty Bush Tucker from Indigiearth
  • Tea and Coffee from Six Seasons Coffee
  • Local WA honey from Furious Bee
  • Beautiful jewellery from various artists
  • Artisan products supporting First Nations artists through Better World Arts
  • Gorgeous creative products from many First Nations artists and businesses.

Our products are also available at our online shop, at https://shop.fish.asn.au/

Income from FISH Social Enterprise supports our storytellers, their families and communities, and also supports FISH in achieving its mission of improving the social and emotional wellbeing of

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and breaking intergenerational cycles of trauma, poverty, and engagement in the justice system.

FISH’s operating philosophy centers around partnerships. We believe we can achieve far more together with others than if we go about our work as individual organisations.

FISH is proud to partner with local business Local & Aesthetic at their recently opened premises in Mt Lawley, Perth, WA and launch our Indigenous Social Enterprise Retail Store.

The Retail Store offers a platform for up and coming First Nations artists to display and sell their products and a commercial platform for our Micro-Finance businesses.

We offer a diverse and growing product range including a selection of artwork, books, bush medicines, bush tucker, teas, coffee, beauty, hair and skin products.  All products are sourced from 100% owned First Nations businesses, authors and artists.

Our book range is extensive.  Everybody, especially children, loves storytelling and being read books from an early age. Written word opens people’s hearts, minds and imaginations as they journey with the writer as the story unfolds.

We are the largest Indigenous bookshop in Australia, located in Perth, WA.  There are bright bold colourful children’s books, thought provoking memoirs, intriguing dreamtime stories, bilingual Noongar story books, stories of culture, history, verse and great education resources.

FISH’s work is holistic, taking into account the needs of the individual, the family, and the community in bringing positive sustainable change, i.e.  healing, housing, education, training, employment and financial stability. We are proud to be part of the enabling and empowering of First Nations artists and businesses throughout Australia to achieve this change.

When you make a purchase through our Retail Store or Online Store, not only are you buying a beautiful First Nations product, you are are also directly supporting an First Nations person, family or community and helping FISH deliver on our purpose.

If you would like to know more about FISH’s curated First Nations catalogue for your kindergarten, school, or library please contact Katrina Cox, Business Development Manager, [email protected].


We thank you for your support!

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