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FISH Outback Stores Social Enterprise was opened on the 28th November 2022 as a Social Enterprise with the focus on training and employing local people with revenue from the store going back into community initiatives to bring positive long term sustainable change. This is Stage 1 of our future developments in the valley.


FISH are committed to employing and training young people from Fitzroy Crossing in working in the retail industry so that together we can grow the FISH social enterprise activities for the benefit of community.


The retail and service industry in the Kimberley Region is one of the largest employers however Aboriginal people are the lowest employed in that industry, while being the highest population group. FISH is working to change that by expanding our Social Enterprise activities in the Kimberley and using them as an example of how to bring change.


When you purchase from any of FISH Social Enterprises you know that your purchase is going directly back to artists, authors and business’s and making a difference to Indigenous Communities throughout Australia.

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