Sustaining Healthy People & Communities

FISH is developing a range of initiatives to meet our Vision for all Aboriginal people to be confident, connected, and healthy

These projects will provide equal opportunities for education, training, employment and life choices. These projects will be run either directly by FISH or in partnership with others. As we do this, Aboriginal people will be given opportunities in our society to be valued as positive, healing, and leading contributors to community in connecting people to caring for each other and caring for country.

If we are to break the cycle of generational trauma, poverty, and engagement in the justice system, Aboriginal people need to play a leading role in the development of projects and initiatives. This is what we do! The FISH team actively work with a broad cross section of our community to achieve positive outcomes.

We are currently focused on six pillars for project development. The pillars do not stand separate from each other but are integrated as we work holistically with individuals, family and community. See these pillars below.


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With your support and partnership with us we can achieve great things.

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With your support and partnership with us we can achieve great things.

FISH aims to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to share their wisdom and insights to the boarder community to teach people how to connect and care for each other and for country, whilst closing the gap and breaking generational cycles of poverty, trauma, and engagement with the justice system.

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