Fish Retail Shop

Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health’s philosophy of operation is partnerships, as we believe we can achieve far more together with others than if we go about our work as individual  organisations.   FISH is proud to partner with local business Local & Aesthetic at their recently opened premises in Mt Lawley, Perth, WA and launch an […]

Myalup Karla Waanginy

Since 2017, FISH has worked with Aboriginal groups and local businesses in the South West Region through a co-design process to develop a detailed program that will give Aboriginal people aged 16-35 a place to heal and receive holistic support to break intergenerational cycles of trauma, avoid (re)engagement in the justice system and contribute positively […]

Bawoorrooga SuperAdobe Earthhouse

There is an urgent need for a model of Indigenous housing that directly engages community, is sustainable, affordable, and easily-replicated. In 2020, FISH and the remote Aboriginal community of Bawoorrooga finished constructing the first SuperAdobe (earthbag) home in the Kimberley, with the community members’ involvement from design to completion. The house is part of FISH’s […]

Bawoorrooga Market Garden project

FISH is working with the remote Aboriginal community of Bawoorrooga in the Kimberley, WA, to create a national prototype for sustainable Indigenous housing, education, training, and enterprise. Part of this program has been the planting of an integrated “food forest” orchard at the community, which contains around 500 plants of 30 different species. The community […]

Student Cultural Days

FISH has been working with primary and secondary schools in the Bindjareb (Peel), Wadandi (Southwest) and Kimberley regions since 2017 to deliver Educational Programs with over 4000 students participating in 2018-2019. FISH Student Cultural Days aim to bring people together to celebrate, share, teach and connect Aboriginal culture with all students.  Our Program provides the […]

Aboriginal Home Ownership

There is an urgent need for safe, secure, appropriate and affordable housing for Aboriginal people as a fundamental building block for families moving out of poverty. FISH works with Aboriginal people to create opportunities for them to own sustainable, appropriate, secure and affordable homes and break intergenerational cycles of poverty that cause homelessness and housing […]

Professional Development and Cultural Competency – Organisations

FISH runs Professional Development and Cultural Competency training for educational staff. The training is focussed on connecting people’s head knowledge with their heart and spirit. As we do that, each individual’s personal paradigm is moved to a point of understanding and a commitment to bring about positive change to create an environment of celebration, acknowledgement, acceptance, […]

Professional Development and Cultural Competency – Schools

FISH runs Professional Development and Cultural Competency training for educational staff, which we also tailor to other organisations, providing ‘head, heart and spirit’ knowledge of Australia’s past in order to bring change to the future.  In 2018-19, FISH trained over 400 educational and support staff through this program.

Bin Art Initiative

FISH is developing a national initiative which arose out of a creative idea of a few Indigenous artists in NSW during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Guringai artist, Sue Shilcock, Kamilaroi artist, Ang Bennett, and Ngemba Weilwa/Gamilaoi artist Polly Wilson used their COVID-19 home isolation period to paint beautiful Aboriginal artwork on their wheelie bins, they posted […]